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Taxi Driver Training 
We are now a Diamond Approved Taxi Driver Training establishment and can provide various types of training . 
Most local authorities are thinking about if they have not already introducing some form of driver assessement prior to issuing a licence. As many of the taxi drivers hold european or international licences it is becoming apparent that testing the knowledge of driving on uk roads is essential as their are differences from driving in other countries . Put yourself in the position of wanting to drive a taxi in any one of the european countries and im sure you will understand where i am coming from. 
It is good business practise to ensure anyone representing your company gives a good impression and that impression portrays the standard of your service to your customer. Also if you own the cars that are being driven you would want to ensure they are being driven cost effectively .  
Bill Harling owner of 1st call is an ex Transport and Distribution manager and has run fleets of up to fifty hgv vehicles and is well versed in cost efficiency of running fleets of vehicles . He is also a licensed ADI and has passed his Taxi Training Course and is Licensed through the Drivers Instructors Association who themselves are one of only a few companys allowed by the Driving Standards Agency to conduct the DSA taxi driver training test . See for more information about this test. 
In this world of shame and blame it is important for any company to have been seen to give as much training and to have taken all precautions to ensure the people that are employed are capable of doing the job.The updating of the corporate manslaughter and homicide act 2007 is well worth a read if nothing else to satisfy yourself that you have all the necessary cover should the unthinkable happen. 
Our prices are realistic and should you require any training we can be contacted on any of the numbers on our web site. 
We are here to help. 
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