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I want to thank 1st Call School of Motoring for helping me pass first time. I found that Tracy always arrived promptly for my lessons and was friendly and profressional. 
I was able to learn at a pace that I felt comfortable with and it helped me build confidence with driving a car. 
I was really pleased with the service that I got from 1st Call as the lessons were individually tailored to my needs. 
I would reccomend Tracy and 1st Call to anyone who wants to learn. 
Thanks for helping me pass! 
The thought of driving in a car on my own scared me once. It seemed too complicated to do. 
Bill proved me wrong and I am so glad to have had him as an instructor. After failing my first test I was pretty gutted. However, Bill never gave up on me and he was determined to get me back on my feet. I found his car very easy to understand and is an excellent car to learn in. I passed with flying colours second time. 
1st call are not very expensive, their rates are extremely reasonable for the quality of service that you receive. Bill always arrived on time for every single lesson and taught me everything there was to know. Whenever I had a question about my driving he always had a descriptive and understandable explanation for me. 
I will be recommending 1st call to anyone who is in need of lessons. 
Thank you Bill for everything you did for me! 
Curtis Pitter 
When I first started driving I was very nervous just like anyone else would be when starting a new thing, but after a couple of lessons all that went away and I was just excited to carry on learning. Tracy organised the lessons so that we would work on a different thing each time and that way it was easy for me to see how much I had improved. Tracy’s patience and calm personality was one of the most important factors about my experience as a learner driver and without that it would have taken me much longer to build my confidence and skills. The whole driving experience was eye opening and extremely beneficial and it have given me a lot more freedom and independence and I would like to thank Tracy for her wonderful teaching as I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. 
Jenny Cunliffe 
I am over the moon that I have passed my driving test! 
I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to 1st Call School of Motoring for giving me an excellent, enjoyable and professional service. 
It was a pleasure learning to drive with my instructor, Pete who made me feel comfortable, confident and at ease.  
I would definitley recommend 1st Call School of Motoring to anybody hoping to become a successful driver.