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Theory & practical test 
Please read about the practical and theory tests below and then watch this video about hazard perception... 
Before you can apply for a driving test you would have had to pass a theory test. The theory test consists of two parts which are the question part and the hazard perception part. The test is not modular therefore you have to pass both parts in the same sitting. 
The question part is fifty questions with multiple choice answers. You will normally sit at a computer terminal at the theory test centre and click the mouse or touch the screen on the answer/s you think are correct. Don’t worry if your not computer minded as the adjudicator will show you how it all works. You will need to get 43 questions correct to pass this part of the test. You will get nearly 1 hour to answer these questions so do not rush, take your time to read the questions carefully. 
After you have done the question part you will then have a short break and begin the hazard perception part of the test. You will be shown 14 one minute videos and in each video you will be clicking the mouse as you see a hazard developing. Remember its as the hazard is developing. One of the videos has two hazards which you will be marked on. So there are 15 hazards each worth a top score of 5 points. So if you were to get everyone correct you would score 75 points. However to pass this part of the test you will only need to score 44 points. The videos above will be the sort of videos you will come across. 
You will be given the results of the test as soon as you are finished, by the adjudicator. 
To practice these two elements go to or or alternatively you can purchase a dvd or app from any online store.  
Current cost for a theory test is £31.00 and you can apply on line at or phone 0300 200 11 22  
The practical car driving test would take place at a Driving Standards Agency appointed test centre and depending where you live you would normally choose the one that is closest to you. See our page named local test centres or go to for your nearest test centre. 
The driving test takes about an hour and consists of the examiner guiding you around a route that has been mapped by the DSA and each test centre has quite a few various test routes to use.  
As you arrive at the test centre you will park the car in the car park by reversing into a parking bay. You and your instructor would then go to the waiting room area. 
The examiner will then call your name and will ask to see your paperwork which will be both bits of your provisional driving licence that is the photocard and counter part. 
He will also require to see your theory pass paperwork. Your appointment letter is not required but I would advise you take it anyway. 
Once the paperwork has been checked he or she will ask you to take them to your car. Your instructor would normally wait in the waiting area unless you request they sit in on your test. You will be asked initially to read a number plate at a distance of approx 67 feet. 
You will then be asked two questions from a selection of show me , tell me questions which can be found on although your instructor would have made you familiar with these as part of your driving course. 
Once this is done the examiner will ask you to make yourself comfortable in the car whilst they take down some detail about the car. They will then get into the passenger seat and brief you on how they will conduct the test. 
The examiner will ask you take various turns and roads as you drive around the course that has been selected. 
You will also be required to do a manoeuvre. This could be a reverse park, forward drive into a parking bay, parallel park, or a pull up on the right facing the oncoming traffic. You may also get an emergency stop although this at the discretion of the examiner. All these would have been covered in your driving course and you will be well able to complete any one of these by the time you take your test. 
To book a test go to or phone 0300 200 11 22  
There are now 2 companies working with the D.S.A. booking both theory and practical tests. They are Pearson and Reed. 
Current cost of a test during the week is £62.00 or £75.00 at weekends. 
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