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Instructor Recruitment 
Well if you have held a Driving licence for three years are 21 years old or more then you have the credentials to begin training. Ideally your licence will be clean but the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) will consider a licence with points as long as its for nothing really serious like drink driving something like speeding fines will generally be considered although all convictions are serious as that means we have been a bit naughty!!.  
The starting point is to look at the web site and look at the section marked potential driving instructors. This will tell you all you need to know about the process. 
There are three stages to becoming a Driving Instructor: 
Stage One: 
A theory test which consists of 100 questions broken down into four banks of twenty five and you have to reach a minimum 80% ( 20 out of 25) questions in each bank of questions order to pass the question part of the test so you may score 90% overall but you may not have reached 80% in each bank of questions so you may fail the test. 
The 100 questions are split up into... 
• Road Procedure 
• Traffic signs and signals, Car control, Pedestrians, Mechanical knowledge. 
• Driving test, Disabilities. 
• Publications, Instructional Techniques. 
You will get ninety minutes to answer the 100 questions. 
After a short break you will then have to do the Hazard Perception Test. This consists of 14 video clips which feature every day road scenes and you will have to spot any developing hazards by clicking the mouse at the right moment, Lots of practice is needed to perfect this. You do it every day when your driving you just may not be conscientious that you are in fact seeing and reacting to hazards during your normal driving. Anything that makes you change speed or direction is a hazard. One video has two developing hazards to spot. The pass mark for this test is 57 points out of a possible 75.  
The theory test is not modular so you will have to pass both parts in one session to pass this test. You will get the results of this test immediately after sitting it. 
Stage Two: 
The advanced Driving Test. This is a test of your ability to drive to a very high standard. The test will last around an hour and the examiner will take you on various types of road including motorway if possible. You will get to do all the maneuvers. You are only allowed six minor faults on this test such is the high caliber of driving required. 
Stage Three: 
The instructional ability test . Most probably the hardest of all three tests. 
It lasts about an hour and is broken down into two phases. 
More information can be found about these tests on
Once you have passed both stage one and two you may want to get what is known as a trainee licence. This will allow you start teaching people to drive and be able to charge them. You will of course have to have a suitably adapted car with dual controls and have the correct insurance. You will also need a driving school to sponsor you whilst on a trainee licence. 
Here at 1st call school of motoring we offer such sponsorship and can teach you all aspects of becoming an instructor. 
Please call us regarding training sponsorship and franchise opportunities we would be happy to discuss and advise of the best way of you achieving the coveted Driving Instructors Green badge. If you live within the SO and PO postcode areas or even outside them we are always here to take your call. 
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